Online coaching gives you the support at a time and place to suit you, wherever you are. Email, means you get time to reflect on what you say, so you can really explore your thoughts, and can be a really healthy behaviour to create a relationship with writing and thinking. It gives you a record of what you are thinking, giving you time to reflect on and recognise reoccurring patterns of learnt behaviour, challenges and fears. There is an open dialogue and a freedom to the written word, which gives you the opportunity to revisit your responses, your questions and the challenge and dialogue that we would have together.

So how does it work?

Each week, you email your competed prep form to explain how things have gone for you that week, what you want to work on next and the support you require from me. I email you within 2 working days with support, guidance, challenge and questioning to get you not only thinking, but taking action to help close the knowing/doing gap. I would include any relevant exercises or resources to support your next steps for your goal. Once a month, we would plan in a 1 hour phone call, to offer that one to one coaching to give additional high level support.

I recommend a commitment initially to a programme of 3 months, to ensure you achieve lasting success in your coaching. You will be supported in setting your goals, working on achieving these and carrying out “homework” between each session to promote real success!

It’s never been a better time to invest in yourself and your future, creating the changes you need to become happier and more successful in your career, business and in life generally.

Get in touch today, I look forward hearing from you!